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On The River IPA Series

On the Middle Peninsula, the waterways are life. Many people look to the many different bodies of water as sources of food, work, leisure, and just about anything else you can think of. Growing up in this area we were taught at a very young age, just how important those waterways were and we plan to pass on that knowledge to as many people as possible. We based our brewery on one of the most important water sources of the area, but it only seemed right to bring attention to all the other rivers in the area as well.


With this, we would like to introduce you to our "On The River" IPA Series. All of our IPA's will be brewed in honor of one of the many rivers that call Virginia home. Hopefully while enjoying some good beer you will also learn about everything this area has to offer "On The River."



5.8% ABV 42 IBUs

The Mattapo-NeIpa is our Flagship IPA, actually being the first beer brewed at the Taproom. While the overall recipe has changed slightly since the beginning, the overall style is much the same as that very first batch. Named for Washington's and Rochambeau's March to Yorktown from New England, of which they crossed the Mattaponi to enter this area, this New England Style IPA is light on bitterness but heavy on hop aroma and citrus juiciness. Many non-IPA drinkers have grown to love this beer for its easy drinking.

Piankatank Hazy IPA

7% ABV 70 IBUs

Piankatank Hazy is named for the Piankatank River which is fed directly from the Dragon Run, making it one of the most pristine rivers in the Chesapeake Bay Region. The Piankatank River has been home to watermen and vacationers alike for longer than anyone can really remember. Hosting towns and villages such as Deltaville, it is no wonder that this river is so popular for locals and "Come Here's" alike. Using just New Zealand grown hops, this hazy has nice citrus and passionfruit taste and aroma, as well as a nice bitterness, coming in at 70 IBUs.

pamunkey label.png

Pamunkey Hazy IPA

6.6% ABV 56 IBUs

Pamunkey Hazy IPA is named for a river that has great importance to this area. First of all it acts as the boundary for the Middle Peninsula, starting near Ashland, VA, flowing all the way to the Town of West Point where is joins with the Mattaponi to form the York River. The river has been used for thousand of years as a major transportation hub, ranging from anything from the local Native American tribes to the West Rock Paper Mill in West Point. Using just American style hops, the citrus blast from this hazy is sure to please most IPA drinkers., and thus is the latest entry in our "On the River" Series.

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